Word Soup Story #6

I swear to you I'll get back to my chapters soon! Work has been chaotic of late and people are out of the office. That means a lot more answering phone calls and less down time to think of what comes next. Until then, I'll deal with the weird words I was given today. As... Continue Reading →

Word Soup Story #4

Dang I just got time to even think about this blog right this second. The busy times are here, and with it: SOUP! Hope you enjoy your Monday! TODAY’S WORDS: Bottle, Necrotic, Overt, Glumly, Strange I wasn't ready to believe what I was seeing. It was absolutely unthinkable that it would be real. Before I... Continue Reading →

A Cow Story

My heart raced with anticipation as I watch the old farm owner slowly make their way inside. It was late in the fall and their harvest was nearly done. Yet what they had not realized was that I was sent here to shut them down. Permanently. A few weeks back, a rival barn owner had... Continue Reading →

Night Terror’s Birth

Frank considered himself to be a man of little desire. He would cling to his routine like a child clings to their favorite toy. It wasn't as if every detail needed to be perfect, but he felt most relaxed when doing the same thing. Every morning he would wake up and turn on his radio.... Continue Reading →

Word Soup Story #2

Yesterday's idea seemed to really go well, so I'm going to try it again today! It seems that my words today are working towards a... darker story. Here we go! TODAY’S WORDS: Shipment, Extortion, Kidnapper, Series, Appearance I could feel the inside of my mouth slowly becoming numb from the frigid gusts that would rush... Continue Reading →

TerrCore: A Tale of Deception

Today I woke up in my apartment. It was very strange since a green light woke me up yet was no where to be seen when I opened my eyes. At least what looked exactly like my apartment. Yet things seemed to be just slightly off. I know for a fact I wouldn't have but... Continue Reading →


Standing atop the abandoned building, Frank knew he had to make a choice. He knew it would come down to this, yet when the moment finally arrived he didn't feel ready. Another ten years wouldn't be enough, so he chose what his gut was telling him to. He turned his gun to the man in... Continue Reading →

Jungle Games

When I first woke up on the forest floor, I didn't realize how much pain I was in. I guess the shock of seeing a deep jungle terrain replacing my boring apartment was enough to keep the throbbing unnoticed for awhile. It didn't last long, but at this point I was too surprised to worry... Continue Reading →

Fear’s Desire

I've been doing my job for a long time, but I have never truly understood it's purpose. Since I've been sent to earth by my master, I've been told to take various forms and terrify the inhabitants of this world. That being said, I was told very clearly I was never to actually harm anyone.... Continue Reading →

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