Fear’s Desire

I’ve been doing my job for a long time, but I have never truly understood it’s purpose. Since I’ve been sent to earth by my master, I’ve been told to take various forms and terrify the inhabitants of this world. That being said, I was told very clearly I was never to actually harm anyone. There would be harsh consequences if that were to happen.

When I got my start, things were easy. I’d only have to turn into a wild animal, like a bear or a wolf, and that would be sufficient. Eventually people began to get braver, so I’d turn into larger, more deformed versions of these various creatures. It appeared my job was being done well.

Yet as technology and curiosity began to flourish among cultures around the world, I found that fear was less about a monster and more about other people.

I knew eventually that in order to keep the flow of fear going, I had to act in ways previously unheard of. I’d have to become one of them and spread the idea that people are innately bad. That would do the trick.

It began when I filled the roles of various men and women in history. At first I figured a murderer would be enough for awhile. Jack the Ripper was what the most famous of my forms. Strange how absolutely bad everyone was at figuring out things back then. So many times I’d fool the policing forces across multiple nations.

This is where I started to grow more confident in my ability to fool people. They were a naive and optimistic crowd, so it was simple enough. I began taking the form of leaders and important people. This time, I’d live out the entirety of the false personas life before dying and moving on to my next target.

I recall being part of various negotiations which led up to world war 1. At this point, I knew that people around the world were beginning to believe in the bad in others at this point. Time was running out on how long I could use this to fuel fear.

When I became a young boy born to an Austria-Hungarian couple, I knew that I’d have to spread fear in a way yet unknown. I grew out and lived the life of Hitler. Crazy as it sounds, I knew that only a war of this magnitude would solidify the fear in the hearts of people.

Yet here I am today. Unsure of what to do as the fears I created for my master are running thin. People are more jaded in the modern society and it’s more anger than fear now. Terrorism is barely keeping me employed, yet it’s me who’s beginning to fear that I’ve run out of things to spread to the people of Earth. Is it true that their fear has limits?

I’d have to think hard on this. Monsters would be explained away by science or media. Humans already fear other humans, and that isn’t a sustainable outlet.

I’d have to do something so big, it would be enough to get me promoted off of Earth. I’d have to make every single being on the planet fear for their lives.

It wasn’t going to be a cake walk, that’s for sure. This wasn’t exactly something I’d be able to do as a mere human. This was going to take the threat of extinction to truly get my job done now.

Knowing what I had to do, I prepared to summon the image of a huge meteorite that would come crashing into the earth. Of course, it would not do any damage to the planet but I just needed everyone to be afraid for a brief time. As I created the image, I felt the panic pulsate through the ground.

Cities went crazy. People were rioting in the streets, looting, killing, and doing whatever they wanted since the world was going to die. To them, it was far too late to prevent the damage that was going to hit Earth. I knew I had gotten every single person, every last one in all the cultures. Not a single being on the planet would be able to stand in the face of death and blink.

All but one.

I felt it almost immediately. Suddenly I feared for a future where I’d be stuck here trying to recreate this moment of universal terror. I had to act quickly.

Deducing who wouldn’t be afraid, I came to the conclusion it was someone who was oblivious to their surroundings. Someone who was underground perhaps? No, I made sure that the earth was trembling so that anyone could feel it. Time was of the essence so I quickly meditated to find the source.

Following it hastily, I found a lone woman staring through a telescope while writing notes. I took the form of a human and entered the room.

“What are you doing, there’s a meteorite coming!”

She turned to me, a gleeful smirk on her face.

“I was wondering when you’d appear. Do you think this faux threat is amusing?”

I froze. She clearly knew that the huge rock was a fabrication and that I was not who I said I was. My cover was not completely blown, so I decided the only way to put the fear into her was to take a horrifying form and attack. I molded into a huge demonic looking being, spikes everywhere and teeth grasping for flesh. She took one step back and narrowed her gaze.

“I see you’re going to get hostile. I’ve been ready.”

A sharp jolt of electricity rang through my body and sent me to the ground. I could feel my muscles pumping with no control. My eyes grew wide as she approaching my helpless corpse.

“You don’t scare me.”

My heart started to throb. I’ve corrupted so many humans and was effortlessly the most fearsome thing to happen. Yet she defied me. My own fate was in her hands and she was undoubtedly going to get me trapped here. I began to scream with fear.

“At last. Every being on this wretched planet feels fear, all at once. You were a tricky bastard. I thought I’d be able to scare you sooner, but it seems it took this much effort to trap you.”

She turned towards the sky and I saw face of my master in the sky behind my illusion, which was beginning to fade.

“I’ll be leaving this rock now. Let this poor excuse for a creature stay here and rot in my place.”

I watched in abject terror as she disappeared from sight. The energies of my old master fed on my cries and, at least for a long while, they would have all the supply of fear they would need from Earth.


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