Word Soup Story #2

Yesterday’s idea seemed to really go well, so I’m going to try it again today! It seems that my words today are working towards a… darker story. Here we go!

TODAY’S WORDS: Shipment, Extortion, Kidnapper, Series, Appearance

I could feel the inside of my mouth slowly becoming numb from the frigid gusts that would rush by me. The northern winds howled, concealing my breath perfectly as I observed the men moving their victims from an idling truck into a nearby warehouse. Snow danced around them, as if trying in some futile way to slow them down even a small bit. Considering it’s efforts were being wasted, I guess it was my time to act.

My identity was both unimportant and sacred, so it was imperative that I wore it at all times when doing my work. Stealth was my friend since I didn’t have anything to work with other than my hand to hand combat skills and a dart gun. If I was found, my fate would be no better than the poor kids being moved at the moment.

The men in the truck walked up to a seated gentleman who seemed all too pleased with the children’s arrival. He sneered as he sat up.

“Alright, Mart,” he croaked out with just a touch too much glee, “This shipment seems to be in order. Get them checked in and I’ll tell the boys down the river we’re coming in hot. Isn’t that right sweetie?” He reached his hand out and caressed the shoulder of a nearby little girl. She recoiled at his touch, so he shoved her forward.

The goal for me tonight is to gather enough information to tip off the local police to where they’re taking all these kids. I was only one man, but this was an operation spanning multiple states and organizations. It would take too much effort to catch them using strictly legal means… but these kids need help fast.

I only had one trick up my sleeve that may be able to save my life in a bind. I had a red and blue flashing light and a police siren emitter. I quickly pocketed them and moved from the warehouse exterior onto the boat ready to drift down the river.

A quick count revealed that there were at most three thugs on this boat. It was easy to find the weakest among them considering he was the one they had guarding the kids. The captain was steering the vessel and the other was relaxing at the front of the ship, likely asleep. I wish I had something more effective than my old dart gun, but having these guys asleep would be useful.

Taking out the captain would endanger myself and the kids, so he’ll have to remain peacefully unaware. The guy sleeping seems simple enough to put in a deeper sleep. I’ll be having a word with our guard.

One dart later, I was efficiently able to use the cover of darkness to stroll past the sleeping man. With a head of steam, I subdued the oblivious guard, covering his mouth as he fell.

“Listen,” I growled in a voice unlike my own, “If you scream, I’ll end you right here and now. Tell me where you’re taking the kids.” I uncovered his mouth slowly, another dart ready to go if he started yelling.

“Are you threatening me? Boss said never to give into extortion, no matter the cost.”

“How far are you willing to go for him? Death?”

He began to shiver and his eyes darted back and forth rapidly. Whatever answer he was looking for was not on the snow covered banks. Eventually, he looked at me.

“We’re going to the large shipyard. That’s where the boss stores and sends from.”

“Thanks for your help. What’s your name?”

“John Harrington.”

“I hope, for your sake, that’s really your name. I’ll mention how much you helped to the police. For now..” I jabbed him lightly with the dart and watched him flow off to bed.

The next part was tricky as I had to remove the blindfolds and gags from the children. Getting them to make no crying or cheering noises was proving to be tough, but they understood the situation reasonably well. I wrote a small note and put it on John, then lowered the escape boat into the water. For now, the children were freed.

I was not satisfied quite yet. I called the police and let them know I had found the missing children. Without much issue, they found the ones on the river bank and were planning to sting the boatyard. I told them to give me 10 hours to find the main issue.

The actual kidnapper.

Without catching him, there’d be no way to assure he wouldn’t continue or escalate. It had to be me.

After asking a few of the kids where they were found, I decided to make my way into the suburbs. It appears that the first series of kidnappings took place when they would be walking home alone. He’d approach them on foot, asking them if they knew where they were going, then attack before they had a chance to respond. Seems this will be my in.

I had to wait until the early hours of the morning when most people would be asleep. The shadowed figure was lurking on the outskirts of the forest nearby where he had his truck hidden. Seems like the perfect place to be inconspicuous in a neighborhood like this where people would be on guard. He’d be able to identify if a target was alone, by how long, and if he could escape with no questioning eyes. Much to his great misfortune, these were the exact conditions I needed.

As I approached, I made sure that he couldn’t see me. I was on the tips of my toes when I came up behind him, taking my place between his truck and him.

“Quiet night, right friend?” I ripped this line through the air, hoping my appearance made him feel but a fraction of the fear he’d created.

He was so startled, he drew his gun before turning around.

“You came out here alone? Foolish. I’ll be able to drop you and get rid of your corpse before the neighborhood watch even figures this spot out.”

I leaned forward.

“Are you implying I’d come here alone? I just needed to get close enough to make sure it was you.”

Before he could respond, I leaned back in my shoes. It triggered the police alarm and light just beyond the treeline, looking like a police car had just pulled up. He threw his gun at my feet and knelt down. I quickly cuffed him, and turned my trap off.

“Be sure to tell the police I said hello.”

“What the hell? Who are you?”

“I’m who I need to be. Let’s hope I don’t need to be anywhere near you any time soon.”

With that, I turned and left him there. My alarm woke up quite a few of the neighbors, who began to wander in this direction. Shame that I sprayed kidnapper all over his truck.

I’m no hero. I’m only the spawn of what this world needs. As long as there is filth, there must be a person willing to scrub it’s foundations clean. Glory isn’t for the just, after all.


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