Standing atop the abandoned building, Frank knew he had to make a choice. He knew it would come down to this, yet when the moment finally arrived he didn’t feel ready. Another ten years wouldn’t be enough, so he chose what his gut was telling him to. He turned his gun to the man in the suit and shot him in the head. A few feet away, a stunningly large eyed woman in a summer dress stood frozen. Frank knew what his choice meant, but he had no regret has he took the woman’s hand and smiled. She immediately took his embrace and they left the building together.

A few weeks back, Frank had just been a car mechanic. A rather meticulous one at that. It was enough to cause problems with the other shop workers as their work always looked off. He was never one for socializing while working anyways.

His walk back and fourth from work was always the same. He’d stop at the store to get supplies for his dinner and continue home. Once there, he would watch another movie in his collection. At this point he was becoming rather proud of his progress, never missing a chance to dive into the world of the screen.

Frank had never had people to talk with, though. He always wanted to share his theories and ideas. So he decided to go online.

After a few hours of hunting, he came across a very small community of film lovers who would discuss what they felt about each film. Frank immediately began to write as many theories as he could muster. Things he had pent up inside were flowing out like a symphony of typing.

He called it a night before it got too late and crawled to bed. Work wouldn’t wait for him, after all.

Upon arriving home, Frank turned on his computer to continue writing. Then he noticed how much attention his previous night’s work had gotten. The boards were overflowing with responses, people feeding off of his energy and passion for the movies. It was a validation unlike any other in his life.

Yet the most intriguing was a private message. It came from a user named Rabbit.

“Dear Frank,

Your reviews have been incredibly eye opening to read. I feel that you may possess an intelligence worth looking into. Please come see me at the following address.


The first thought through Franks head was how much of a trap this was. It sounded like a scam or a way to take his information from him. In no way would Frank reply. Of course this was just some way to get cash out of his wallet.

After another night spent replying and adding on to his ideas, he received another message from a user who used a name and picture for his profile. Gloria was her username and she sent him a message as he was preparing to sleep.

“Don’t listen to Rabbit. They’re trying to kill.”

His heart skipped a beat. This was far too sinister for him to believe. This was some crazy poster trying to scare him into panicking. Perhaps they were working together to extort him somehow. He never posted publicly about Rabbit’s message, so the only way they could have known of each other was conspiring together.

Frank decided the safest course of action was to stop posting and go to sleep as he has been doing for his entire adult life.

That night a strange noise woke him in the middle of the night. A slight tapping on his window. He grabbed his bat and opened the blinds.

There stood a stunningly beautiful woman, her translucent sundress flowing in the night. She looked pleased with the fact that her efforts gained his attention and waved playfully at him.

“W-what the hell are you doing?” Frank barked out as he backed away from the window.

The woman smiled warmly and said, “I’m here to talk to you about Rabbit. My job is to make sure no one else gets hurt. I’m Gloria, nice to meet you in person. Mind if I come in?”

Frank was uneasy. He was always very careful about the release of his information and never told anyone his home address. Yet somehow this woman was able to track him down in under a few hours and successfully get this his house. Either she was extremely lucky to be in the same area as him or she had some secrets he did not care to find out about.

“I don’t know,” Frank said, coyly, “Let’s just talk like this for the moment.”

“That’s fair. Honestly. I’d probably be a bit freaked out too if a girl came tapping on my window this early in the morning.”

“How did you find this place?”

“People are easier to find than you’d ever be comfortable with, Frank. Don’t worry about that now. For now, we need to make sure that Rabbit can’t find you the way I did. Trust me, he’s probably already here. We need to be quick.”

As soon as she finished saying that, Frank heard his front door being fiddled with. It was just enough to make him aware someone was trying to get inside. Gloria started to motion for him to come outside. He knew if he stayed something bad may happen, so he climbed out the window in his underwear and closed it behind him.

Gloria, wrapping herself around him sensually, whispered, “See? There’s always some benefits for trusting good people. Now let’s go wait across the way to see what happens.”

Frank was so taken aback by all that was going on, so he followed her in hopes of finding his bearings. As they turned, they saw a man in a suit enter his room. He looked absolutely shocked that his bed was empty. He tried the window and saw it was unlocked. Then he turned and pounded the wall before calling someone. His disappearance was unnaturally quick.

“I told you. I save people. It’s what I do. Why don’t you stay with me for the time being.” Gloria slipped an arm around Frank’s waist. He was a bit speechless but decided that being at his home was a risk he was unwilling to take at this point.

As they two of them made their way through the darkness, Frank couldn’t help but wonder how his life was about to change. He couldn’t go anywhere he’d normally frequent because now there were people looking for him. It seemed a bit more malicious than simple robbery at this point, but why was he being targeted so fervently.

Eventually they came to a small shed in the middle of a dense swamp. They had to wade their way to the small building, not that Frank was upset that Gloria was so open with her body.

As they arrived, she told him that she’d prepare him for what Rabbit was going to bring at him. For several hours each day, Frank was trained in stealth, psychological defenses, and self defense combat. After each day, he knew there was no way he’d be able to ready against someone who was trained in these ways for years.

After a few weeks came and went, Frank decided to go a different store to load up on supplies. The small shed only had a bathroom, kitchen, and small bed. He was truly living off of meager rations, but the touch of a woman for the first time was more than enough for him to get over these hardships. As he arrived at the store, he felt that he was in a bit of danger.

The man in the suit casually walked up to him, and started looking at the food in the same aisle. He felt a cold sweat run down his neck as he noticed the man.

“Frank?” Asked the man in a commanding voice.

“No, my name is Henry,” Frank retorted, “Must be looking for another person?”

“Listen, Frank. I’ve used the name Gloria in order to contact you. We believed Rabbit had gotten to you already but it seems like you’re safe. Where have you been?”

Franks heart froze. He knew that one of them was lying. They could be both lying. All he knew is that he was caught by whoever was looking for him. The only way he could end this was by forcing a confrontation.

“Listen,” Frank whispered, “I need you to not be by me right now. Meet me at the original spot you wanted to meet.”

Without acknowledging that he heard, the man rushed out of the store. Frank quickly called Gloria and explained that they needed to meet at the rooftop.

Frank was the first to arrive, waiting atop the building with the gun that Gloria gave to him. He watched as the two of them arrived and slowly came to see each other in the courtyard. They began to yell at each other.

“Frank, you led me to Rabbit? Why?” Shrieked Gloria.

The man in the suit ducked behind a nearby pillar and yelled, “You told him you were Gloria? It seems that we were too late. Rabbit can’t keep finding them before us forever.”

Frank raised his pistol. He knew that either way, this was the time for his fate to be sealed. He knew it would come down to this, yet when the moment finally arrived he didn’t feel ready. Another ten years wouldn’t be enough, so he chose what his gut was telling him to. He turned his gun to the man in the suit and shot him in the head. A few feet away, Gloria stood frozen. Frank knew what his choice meant, but he had no regret has he took the woman’s hand and smiled. She immediately took his embrace and they left the building together.

As soon as they walked outside, Gloria kicked Frank’s knee as hard as she could. He fell, shocked at her betrayal.

“Our organization is going to take over the world. Anyone intelligent enough to question it and brave enough to stop it are going to be killed. Goodbye.”

As she reached for her gun, Frank took aim with his. He shot her in the heart multiple times before she dropped. The man in the suit walked out, cleaning the blood off of his head.

“How did you know she would take the bait?” Frank said, panting while holding his knee.

The man smiled, “Rabbit believes it knows everything. That’s where we have our advantage. I’m glad you decided to believe me after I slipped the note to you in the store.”

Frank took out the note and threw it on the woman’s body. It first asked him to ask the woman posing as Gloria about their messages. When he did, she replied that she needed to get more information about finding him. This tipped her hand as now he knew she was not Gloria since he never replied.

Then, it said that in order to have Rabbit believe Frank had been converted, he needed to stage killing the man. The man simply exploded a pouch of blood on his own head as Frank shot next to him. The woman never thought to check.

“She really did a number on my leg,” moaned Frank. He assumed she would get hostile but not that quickly.

“Sorry I was unable to prevent that.”

“I just have one more question. Why me?”

“Well, Frank, Rabbit puts out one film per year in the hopes of finding people who understand it’s true meaning. If someone is able to figure it out, then they’d be able to resist the hypnotizing effects of the film. That means they’re no longer in control. It seems that they take those people in and try to learn how they work so as to remake future films to entrance even those who are mentally stout.”

He picked Frank up and helped him towards his car.

“We have a lot of work to do to free people. Rabbit must believe it is always one step ahead.”


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