Chapter 4 – Football

Chapter 3A: Ariel After thinking about it, I made my way into the athletics wing. I went to the office of the head coach for our football team. He was a bit old school from what I remember. Stories were told about how he would make any person who messed up run laps. The year... Continue Reading →


Chapter 3B: Lisa

Chapter 2: Careful Consideration There was something inside of me that knew what I was going to do would cause huge repercussions in my daily life. It wasn't exactly clear how bad this was going to turn, but I knew that I had to follow my heart. I sat down next to Lisa, who turned... Continue Reading →

Chapter 3A: Ariel

Chapter 2: Careful Consideration I knew that there was only one right choice here. Ariel had done so much to support and help me, I couldn't just drop all of that because of Lisa. I really genuinely enjoyed Ariel's companionship before the unfortunate way we split last time, and I think it could have grown... Continue Reading →

Chapter 1: Bountiful Youth

What would you do if you suddenly realized you had the mind of your 25 year old self in the body of your 14 year old self? That's just a simple question people use to break the ice at parties. Some people would date the one that got away longer. Some would study harder to... Continue Reading →

Word Soup Story #4

Dang I just got time to even think about this blog right this second. The busy times are here, and with it: SOUP! Hope you enjoy your Monday! TODAY’S WORDS: Bottle, Necrotic, Overt, Glumly, Strange I wasn't ready to believe what I was seeing. It was absolutely unthinkable that it would be real. Before I... Continue Reading →

A Cow Story

My heart raced with anticipation as I watch the old farm owner slowly make their way inside. It was late in the fall and their harvest was nearly done. Yet what they had not realized was that I was sent here to shut them down. Permanently. A few weeks back, a rival barn owner had... Continue Reading →

A Busy Day Poem

Work before fun they do say. Yet a working man tires away. Do not play do not stray, Such a shameful display, Just work 'till you drop, okay?   Yet a feeling of pride emits, From those who dare not call it quits. Whether one stands or one sits, Or the end of one's whits,... Continue Reading →

Word Soup Story #3

Time collapsed in on me today so it'll have to be a word soup story! Hope your week is going well so far. 🙂 I know work has really started to get busy on my end but I enjoy a busy week rather than a boring one. Enjoy! TODAY’S WORDS: Bang, Border, Jaded, Fly, Bulb... Continue Reading →

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