Moving Week

I may not be able to be as active this week due to a move I'm going through this week. We're not moving far, but it is still a hassle to get everything packed up and moved. It seems like a small apartment can hold an absurd amount of things when it gets right down... Continue Reading →


Liebster Award

Evidently my writing has made an impact on one of the users I've been interacting with the most! Noneuclideansoda has nominated me for the prestigious Liebster award today, the one day I was almost so busy I didn't have time to post! His content is always getting me to laugh at various points of my... Continue Reading →

A Busy Day Poem

Work before fun they do say. Yet a working man tires away. Do not play do not stray, Such a shameful display, Just work 'till you drop, okay?   Yet a feeling of pride emits, From those who dare not call it quits. Whether one stands or one sits, Or the end of one's whits,... Continue Reading →

Platinum: A Coming of Age

The new Crash Bandicoot: The N-Sane Trilogy just dropped and I've been playing it as much as I possibly can. Crash was a a huge part of my childhood, and this game brought out a whole new side of me. Before I was very content to just type in the cheat codes and play whatever... Continue Reading →

My Pre-High School Dating Life

I was just a bit odd when it came to my early dating years. I freely admit that I'm going to be a bit embarrassed about recounting my pre-high school dating record but I feel that it may stand as a sort of monument to how strange one can be and yet still make it... Continue Reading →

Backyard Stories

As I'm sure some of you may be aware by now, my friends always got me into some kind of trouble. It was always hilarious, yet here are a few short stories that come from the backyard of my old friends Bert and Justin (See┬áPotheads, Run!) First, there was a time when we would love... Continue Reading →

Warcraft III: Childhood in a Game

The questions is often posed, "What is your favorite game of all time?" A lot of people will say things like Halo 3 or Skyrim. Some people have oddly specific games. As for me, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne will go down as my favorite game of all time. I can't speak for the future,... Continue Reading →

The Footsteps

I'm someone who gets very freaked out. My family liked to make fun of me because I'd always be up late and would get freaked out by noises coming from the house. Occasionally my brother would come home late and I'd think it was an intruder until he turned on some lights. Well on this... Continue Reading →

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