Word Soup Story #4

Dang I just got time to even think about this blog right this second. The busy times are here, and with it: SOUP! Hope you enjoy your Monday!

TODAY’S WORDS: Bottle, Necrotic, Overt, Glumly, Strange

I wasn’t ready to believe what I was seeing. It was absolutely unthinkable that it would be real. Before I could even take it all in, it was gone.

My collectors edition of soda which had a small hint of cherry was finished. I had been hunting for it for so long, and now it was gone. As the glorious liquid danced from left cheek to right cheek, I made sure to mentally leave a bookmark on the absolutely brilliant mixture of carbonation and flavor.

I’m a simple girl and my joys come far and few between. This particular soda had been my obsession for weeks, so you can imagine I jumped at the chance to grab it after my ridiculously long shift at the gas station. Granted, any shift I had was too long.

Locking the door, I tried to figure out what my next journey would entail. Then, as if the gods of soda enthusiasts was listening to my ever beating heart, a bottle of the most beautifully colored liquid was on display right at my eye level. It was an antique store, so of course I was incredibly drawn by the strange liquid.

A woman who looked to be in the running for oldest possible shop owner limped over to where I was gawking.

“You want my collector’s edition of Radz? It’s a very rare soda only produced in the 60’s!” It was then I noticed the clever naming of the soda. It has a radiation symbol on it and professed to the buyer that it would never loose it’s carbonation. I suppose it was meant to be stocked in a nuclear fallout shelter. There was no way I wouldn’t have it.

I quickly paid for the drink and rushed out. This was going to be a once in a lifetime drink so I wanted to make sure to go to my hideout in the park. My little place was in the forest a bit. I built a small tree house with camouflage around it so no random passerby would even notice. It was the perfect place for me to hide when I wanted to get away or truly enjoy a drink.

As the door shut, I quickly turned on the lights for the inside. The posters I put up gave it such a good vibe. The only stand out from them all was a small mirror on a soda poster saying “the coolest kid of the summer”. I used it to look at the colors my tongue would change.

The drink opened with little protest and I began to chug as I usually do with the rare ones. It made an odd gurgle as it entered my body and I knew immediately something was wrong. I checked my face in the mirror and noticed what looked like a necrotic darkness forming all around my eyes.

My first instinct was to scream but luckily I suppressed it before anyone could hear where I was. I knew I needed help, so I called my friend Larissa. She was the only one I had ever told about my magical soda fort.

“Larissa, I need help. I think I may have drank something poisonous,” I whimpered, trying to maintain my cool.

“Are you in the fort?”

“Yes. Please try not to be so overt about where I am, it’s still a well hidden secret.”

“Just trying to save my friend from poison soda, sorry for asking so loudly. I’ll be there in a second.”

About two seconds after I hung up, I glumly walked to the entrance and let the rope down. It was much easier to climb that then to go my route through the branches. She arrived and climbed up.

As I closed the door, she looked at me with wide open eyes.

“You look… strange.

“Thanks tell me something I don’t know,” I moaned.

She crawled over to me and started poking at my face and neck.

“There’s some sort of black crust forming around your skin. I have never seen anything like this. What did you drink?”

“Radz. It was apparently some soda from the 60’s that never lost it’s carbonation.”

“Well, you’re about to loose my more than your carbonation.”

As I went to respond, I noticed that it was becoming much harder to turn my head. It seemed that wherever this dark sickness went, it stiffened my muscles to the point of paralysis. Larissa shrieked before backing into the wall. I could feel myself about to faint.

The last thing I saw was the Radz bottle tipped over on it’s side. The soda hunter has become the hunted, and I wouldn’t get to see the outcome of my transformation. I hope for Larissa’s sake that all I become is a statue.

Yet the huge claw jetting out of my body doesn’t seem to scream “statue”.



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