Word Soup Story #6

I swear to you I'll get back to my chapters soon! Work has been chaotic of late and people are out of the office. That means a lot more answering phone calls and less down time to think of what comes next. Until then, I'll deal with the weird words I was given today. As... Continue Reading →


Word Soup Story #5

Phew I've been swamped at work. That's what I'd like to say about today's lack of chapter. Yet I think a more truthful answer is that I've been so absorbed in the game of thrones episode from last night that I just nearly let the day get away from me. THUS: Word soup! TODAY’S WORDS: Frost,... Continue Reading →

Chapter 10 – Temptation

Chapter 6: Support We approached the house together, keeping an eye on separate directions. I'll admit I was just a bit on edge despite the fact that I believed that she was only luring me in here to try and seduce me. I don't think she would go as far as to push any limits... Continue Reading →

Chapter 9 – Confrontation

Chapter 5: Dungeons and Dragons I've never truly felt time go quicker than when I needed it to freeze. There was plenty of ways I could decide to handle this, but I knew that one way or the other I was going to be down a path that had pain in it. My heart told... Continue Reading →

Chapter 7 – Upset

Chapter 3B: Lisa I know that this is probably the wrong thing to think, but Ariel held a special place in my heart for such a long period of time. It just might push me over the edge if her and John started going steady. Particularly considering that he would lie to her to get... Continue Reading →

Chapter 8 – Lonely Reparations

Chapter 4 – Football It has been a few days since the game. Practice has been absolutely isolated. The coaches have to make sure that I'm included on drills because the guys were trying to ignore more the entire time. There has to be a scapegoat for things like this, and apparently I was the... Continue Reading →

Chapter 6: Support

Chapter 3B: Lisa I placed a hand on John's shoulder, smiling a bit. "John. Of course you have my support. I know that things have been tough for us all lately. I'll be with you no matter what you decide to do." John's face seemed to express intense relief with splashes of joy. I could... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award

Evidently my writing has made an impact on one of the users I've been interacting with the most! Noneuclideansoda has nominated me for the prestigious Liebster award today, the one day I was almost so busy I didn't have time to post! His content is always getting me to laugh at various points of my... Continue Reading →

Chapter 5: Dungeons and Dragons

Chapter 3A: Ariel I made my way over to John's locker. There was no way I'd be happy with playing football and this way I'd have more time to hang out with John. He turned to me with puppy dog eyes as he wiggled the book in his hands. "Alright, alright," I chuckled, "I'll host... Continue Reading →

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