Chapter 8 – Lonely Reparations

Chapter 4 – Football It has been a few days since the game. Practice has been absolutely isolated. The coaches have to make sure that I'm included on drills because the guys were trying to ignore more the entire time. There has to be a scapegoat for things like this, and apparently I was the... Continue Reading →

Chapter 6: Support

Chapter 3B: Lisa I placed a hand on John's shoulder, smiling a bit. "John. Of course you have my support. I know that things have been tough for us all lately. I'll be with you no matter what you decide to do." John's face seemed to express intense relief with splashes of joy. I could... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award

Evidently my writing has made an impact on one of the users I've been interacting with the most! Noneuclideansoda has nominated me for the prestigious Liebster award today, the one day I was almost so busy I didn't have time to post! His content is always getting me to laugh at various points of my... Continue Reading →

Chapter 5: Dungeons and Dragons

Chapter 3A: Ariel I made my way over to John's locker. There was no way I'd be happy with playing football and this way I'd have more time to hang out with John. He turned to me with puppy dog eyes as he wiggled the book in his hands. "Alright, alright," I chuckled, "I'll host... Continue Reading →

Chapter 4 – Football

Chapter 3A: Ariel After thinking about it, I made my way into the athletics wing. I went to the office of the head coach for our football team. He was a bit old school from what I remember. Stories were told about how he would make any person who messed up run laps. The year... Continue Reading →

Chapter 3B: Lisa

Chapter 2: Careful Consideration There was something inside of me that knew what I was going to do would cause huge repercussions in my daily life. It wasn't exactly clear how bad this was going to turn, but I knew that I had to follow my heart. I sat down next to Lisa, who turned... Continue Reading →

Chapter 3A: Ariel

Chapter 2: Careful Consideration I knew that there was only one right choice here. Ariel had done so much to support and help me, I couldn't just drop all of that because of Lisa. I really genuinely enjoyed Ariel's companionship before the unfortunate way we split last time, and I think it could have grown... Continue Reading →

Chapter 1: Bountiful Youth

What would you do if you suddenly realized you had the mind of your 25 year old self in the body of your 14 year old self? That's just a simple question people use to break the ice at parties. Some people would date the one that got away longer. Some would study harder to... Continue Reading →

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