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Evidently my writing has made an impact on one of the users I’ve been interacting with the most! Noneuclideansoda has nominated me for the prestigious Liebster award today, the one day I was almost so busy I didn’t have time to post! His content is always getting me to laugh at various points of my day.

If I had to say why I liked this person’s blog it’s that I can look into the mind of someone who’s not in my situation in life. He’s a teacher after all. His silly stories about extreme rage and love get me chuckling every time. He’s simultaneously always mad and nonchalant, and that is just great!

His questions are just as interesting as his daily anecdotes. I swear, buddy, those wasps will be conquered soon. Maybe then we’ll grill in honor of their defeat!

  1. Why do you write?I write because it’s a way to escape into another reality for a little bit. I know, I know, that’s super cliche but let me take a wack at this. Throughout the day I find myself in absolutely ridiculous day dreams. Sometimes I wonder how I’d survive if suddenly my elevator stopped and I had to survive with the others in the elevator. Would I take control or simply let myself blend in? Maybe we’d have to pool our food together and entertain each other for a bit. Who knows where they were going or how their lives will be effected in our short time together.

    Things like that always race through my mind. Being able to articulate some of those crazy thoughts in words is an incomparable satisfaction.

    Another reason I write is to try and share my thought space with someone else. Who knows what they’ll see if they’re reading through the things I scribble out. Maybe they’ll be inspired to write something, too! Or just entertained enough to talk to me about what the hell I was thinking.

  2. Is there anything in your life that fills the same need as writing?As a film major, I feel like it would be a disservice to say something else other than film. It’s something I can dig into as much as writing. For me, to visualize something in creative ways can be just as engaging as a good written story. You’re basically controlling your viewers eye as they traverse the world you’re showing them. If you want them to see that knife on the table, then they’ll know it’s about to go down way before the unsuspecting victim.

    For me, film is like a different way to engage the audience in a way that is more visual. It’s much harder to get right, in my experience. Then again, what do I know?

  3. Did you always want to write, or were you more like me and wanted to be the president of the lost city of Atlantis?I mean, I have always enjoyed creative writing. When I was a kid, I’d always make these crazy stories when I got a chance in English class. It was like I was able to embark on a journey in school.

    That said, president of Atlantis sounds like a good gig. I mean, you’re able to live underwater. But what if you weren’t able to breathe underwater still and somehow won the election based on your economic plan for the people of the city? You’d have to have a trusted envoy that you’d send down to make sure your rule was carried out. If he’s corrupt, now you have a whole different issue at hand. Also, your reputation will sink. Ha.

  4. What’s something you want to write about but haven’t yet for some reason?

    I’ve been working on a visual novel script for a long while now. There’s a lot of time to think to myself when I’m on jobs that require me outside of the office, and I’ve been piecing together a pretty involved plot. The issue is that I always find a road block with the plot. I’m trying to seriously piece together a story before I put the pen to work. It’ll be happening soon, I hope.

  5. What is your favorite punctuation mark?

    The comma. We have such a relationship, the comma and I. I find that too often it finds its way into my writing. It’s a habit, no doubt, I picked up from my wife. When she writes it looks like she’s actively marching an army of comma’s to take over the rest of her writing. I mean, it’s like there’s comma’s in every single part of her writing. Perhaps some of them came over to me when I said, “I do.” I guess I’m the part time owner of the comma army. Beware, we’ll break up your sentence.

  6. What is something you cannot stand?

    Someone who comes to my house to watch the best team ever, The Green Bay Packers, and tries to talk about how football games don’t matter. It’s like their so holy-than-thou that they have to actively seek out opportunities to show how much better they are for not liking the lesser things in life.

    Also band wagoners. Now, not the casual ones. “Oh look, the Packers are winning? I’ll cheer for them until they disappoint me!” That’s fine, enjoy your sport the way you do. I’m talking about the people that will change their opinion in order to better please the group. I sniff that from a mile away and it stinks to high heaven.

  7. What is something you can stand, but you’d really rather not deal with it.

    Waking up. I feel so empowered when I wake up early enough to get stuff done, but I just hate how tired I feel. It’s like an anchor is tied around my limbs. “Go to sleep early” is what one might be inclined to advise me. HECK NO! I love my nights so much more. I know what I’m getting into. I just don’t like dealing with the sleepy bits.

  8. If you could burn any single building to the ground, what building would it be?

    I’d burn down something inconsequential like an old abandoned building. Would probably take B-roll of it and use it in some future film project. I’m too much of a worry wart. What if I killed someone?! I couldn’t live with that on my conscience.

  9. When was the last time you laughed so hard you made a noise you’re ashamed of?

    So here’s the deal. I laugh at pretty much anything. My wife is pretty much convinced I am always making fun of her without her knowing because I laugh at anything. She’ll say something in a certain tone and I’ll just bust a gut. I can’t recall anything specifically. LAME. I’ll make something up.

    “Hey, you want to eat some ground beef?”

    “Sure, but only if it’s EXTRA meaty.”


    And then I’m on the floor laughing.

  10. What would it take for you to steal a car?

    This one got me good. I had to really consider this. I’d have to say what would get me to steal a car would be a life or death situation. Imagine waking up to someone breaking into your house. You quickly move into a room that’s apart from where they’re coming in. They clearly come right to your room. It’s not a robbery, it’s an attempt at murder. You get outside and they’re hot on your tail. The intent to kill in their eyes. Your only escape would be hot wiring a car and taking it. That’s exactly what you’ll do. Grand larceny over brutally being murdered in my book.

  11. If you had a spear, a potted plant, and an empty journal, what would you do with them to impress a date?

    First, I’d take them to a super nice outdoors picnic. I’m talking cliff side overlooking a field of endless flowers. I’d set up the potted plant on a rock and when we were sitting there, I’d say that if I can break the plant without getting closer, we’ll have to have more dates. She’d take me up on it with a mixture of intrigue and interest at how I planned to fulfill the bet. I’d then pull out the spear and toss it absolutely flawlessly at the plan, just exploding my target. At this point we have an excuse to keep going on dates. Then, as the deal sealer, I’d lay next to her and open my journal and write in overtly clear letters, “Our story began that day in an endless field of flowers. She was surprised when I went in for our first kiss…” Magic!

    As for my nominations, I want to link a few people that have inspired me on the site so far. I haven’t ever blogged or kept a writing journal so this is all so new to me. Thanks to these guys for being so great:

    1. Destinationhumanity
    2. Thisisyouth
    3. Crumpledpapercranes
    4. Theblogoftravel
    5. Southerngabunny

    Here’s my questions:

1. If you had to bring 3 things to a desert island for 10 years, what would you bring?
2. A cloud follows you that only rains when it’s laughing. You’re thirsty and need to drink the rain water. What do you do to make it laugh?
3. What would you do with $10,000.00 tomorrow?
4. How do you like the Green Bay Packers?
5. What’s your most proud accomplishment?
6. What was your worst date?
7. If you could bring to life one character, who would you bring to life?
8. If I challenged you to a rap battle, how would you serve me?
9. What are you thinking about RIGHT now?
10. If I told you to text the last person you texted and tell them a genuine compliment, would you do it?
11. Did you do it?

Thanks so much and I hope to continue growing with you all!


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  1. These are very good answers. I particularly like what you’d do on the date. Personally, I would’ve switched the roles of the spear and the potted plant because breaking a weapon with a daisy has potential to be even more impressive.

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