Chapter 5: Dungeons and Dragons

Chapter 3A: Ariel

I made my way over to John’s locker. There was no way I’d be happy with playing football and this way I’d have more time to hang out with John. He turned to me with puppy dog eyes as he wiggled the book in his hands.

“Alright, alright,” I chuckled, “I’ll host a campaign. Let’s just make sure we get a good sized group for this run.”

John went off down the hall, cheering at full force. Ariel found her way to my side before I noticed.

“So you’re going to be playing that game, huh?”

“I suppose so. It’ll be good to get me working on a project like this. It’s always been a passion of mine to really dive into the worlds I make.”

“Well… maybe I can join?” She murmured. I could tell this was something she was abundantly nervous about bringing up, but her sincerity was felt. I could tell she loved seeing me get into things like this and just wanted to be witness to me pouring my all into something. There’s nothing more a guy can ask for.

“If you want to, who am I to say no?”

Her eyes lit up and she grabbed the book out of my hands. Before I was able to fully call out, she was around the corner. She was willing to go this far for me, eh?

The campaign I made involved a world I had been building for a few years in my college life. Things always found of a way of slowing down during the year and in my spare time I’d write stories and create monsters. It felt like I was living in my own realm for just a few days.

When I first came in to open my campaign, I was shocked to see how many kids were ready to sign up. It was like I was the teacher in a classroom full of people ready and willing to leave their lives for a bit. John, eager to finally play with more than 3 people, was sitting up front. Next to him was the recent expert on this game, Ariel. She had spent a ton of time during classes reading up on several classes and races. The excitement she had almost disguised the person sitting alone in the back.


She had decided to come to the game after all. I knew she was interested so by running this campaign, I forced her to choose between not playing and playing with me as the DM. It was a horrible move on my part, but this was something I had been desiring for years. I suppose we’re going to have to be adults about it.

A few weeks went by before the first real challenge face the group. They had accidentally incurred the wrath of a demi-god who could summon animals at will. Ariel was trying to tank as best she could, but the beasts were too powerful. I thought that was going to be our first death.

Until Lisa decided to sacrifice her healers life to save the group and Ariel.

Many were treating her as a hero that sacrificed it all just to save our beloved tank. That was the first day she actually started to enjoy my presence again. I had the NPC’s build a statue of her character and let her roll a new one to join the fray again.

After sessions, Lisa, Ariel, John, and I found ourselves hanging out together. It felt natural, to have everyone around each other. We all became rather close knit and our little gang was well known around school. Granted, most people called us the nerdy four, but we didn’t care much at all.

During this time, I decided to run some solo sessions with Lisa to get her caught up again. She was decently far behind, so I felt like it was the right thing to do.

One particular session, Lisa’s new healer was making her way through the jungle when she came across a young male elf. She saw his arm was injured, so she healed him. It sounds innocent, except she reached out and actually rubbed my arm where she wanted to heal.

As things progressed, we seemed to get lost in our passions. In the end, we were making out before I came to my senses and realized what had just transpired. She was smirking a toothy grin before I was able to back up a bit.

“W-we can continue this session some other time. I-I should go.” I stammered as I made my way quickly outside.

I decided in order to make things right, I would go on more dates with Ariel. She deeply appreciated how affectionate I was being, especially when we held hands. Yet she was clever. I knew she could sense a bit of my guilt after awhile.

“John,” she began, “Why have we been going out so much lately?”

“I know you’ve made a big sacrifice by playing this game with some of your free time. I want to make sure to do things you want to as well. It’s been a huge help for my psyche to focus my all into something again.”

She blushed before replying, “I joined at first to be around you. But I genuinely do enjoy this game. I’ve never felt so alive as when I can get a great roll and smash some orc’s head.”

“I guess in your case, that would be rare. They don’t call you the crit fail roller for nothing.”

Things were going normal again for awhile. Lisa and I were continuing our solo sessions for a few weeks and nothing ever crossed the line.

That is, until we found our hands touching after both reaching for some dice. Lightning sparks could have been flashing through the air with the way we felt. The hair on the back of my neck began to rise as our eyes seemed to be locked into one another. I would have been satisfied with leaving the rest to the imagination, but Lisa had other plans. She reached over and kissed me with a passion unmatched by anything. It caught me a bit off guard, and in my confusion I could only return the advance. We sort of were dazed for the next few minutes until she excused herself.

This was getting out of hand. Yet at some oddly primal level, it was the most invigorating thing that had ever happened to me. I was never the guy who girls desired. It would be a lucky day for me to get a conversation going. Yet here I was, the object of two girl’s affections.

Soon enough, we were nearing the end of the solo sessions. At this point, it was getting to be sessions where I’d give her exp and items at the start and we’d do other things for the rest of the time. I was getting so involved with these sessions that I often would forget to take Ariel out.

Then something happened that I knew would be the breaking point. Lisa texted me that she wanted me to come over that night and help her continue leveling. It was a very thin veil that she covered her intentions with, yet, in my own passionate desire, I found myself making my way to her house in the middle of the night. The guilt was being suppressed by the foolish self deception that I was going to play with her that night.

As I arrived, she was wearing a form fitting pair of pajamas. I know that she lured me over to seduce me with her body, but I think the fact that she was so shy about things made me even more attracted to her. We ended up getting her up to level with the group in three minutes and playing truth or dare the rest of the night.

By the time morning came around, I was cuddling her in a daze of sweat and confusion. Somehow we got down to our underwear during this whole ordeal. Her body was really stunning to me and to feel it against my own was a sensation I couldn’t describe. This was going far too fast, yet I couldn’t help but feel enamored by our secret. It was so cruel of me, yet here I was in her arms.

We went to school and acted like nothing happened. Ariel already knew something was up by the way I was treating Lisa, but I told her it was nothing more than the game going on over there.

John pulled me aside.

“I hope you didn’t forget I am down the road from Lisa, dude.”

“Good to know.”

“I saw you come over late last night and leave her house to go to school. You’re not going to convince me that you were over there to play a game.”

Never in my wildest dreams did I hope to get away with this. To do so would leave me a worse person than I came. Yet to be found out so quickly was staggering to me. John left me speechless as he turned heel and began to walk away.

“I don’t give a shit what exactly you two did, but if Ariel doesn’t know about where you were by the end of school, I’m telling her. Don’t do this to her, man. You’re too old to be screwing around like this.”

Getting scolded by John. That’s how far I’ve sunk with this whole mess. I knew that things were going to get worse before they got better.

Going into this head first is the best plan for now. Ariel is coming this way before her next class. Better to let the truth come out of my mouth rather than John’s.



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