Word Soup Story #1

Today was busier than anticipated, so I’m going to literally google 5 random words and whip a story together based on those words. Whenever I do that, I’ll just call it word soup story. Enjoy!

TODAY’S WORDS: Greed, Privileged, Blowgun, Germ, Warmth

As I opened my store for the first time,  I thought back to when I first learned how to make the magical healing juice. It’s not my recipe after all; I’m an explorer not a specialty drink maker.

It was last year when I discovered the location of the mystical statue of gold that was able to bestow incredible luck to it’s handler. Aztecs hid it well because they knew that if the Europeans found it, they’d abuse it’s luck to no end. A huge temple was built to house the trophy in order to keep away any invaders.

Well, today my desire got the better of me. I made a few calls and suddenly I was on my way to Peru. Truly, a beautiful country.

Yet, I noticed the plane had a few guests quite interested in my actions. It seems that my journey had a few parties that were interested in the treasure too. Greed truly doesn’t have any borders. I suppose I will have to tread carefully, or I’ll lead them right to it.

As I landed, I quickly made my way into the jungle. A quick climb into the trees threw the venturing eyes off the trail for now. They seemed frustrated, but I feel no sympathy for looters. Now then, onwards to loot the gold statue of luck!

I found the base of the structure after a few hours of jungle rucking. Truly this is where I am in my element. They displayed a pattern that might seem foreign to those who weren’t looking for the right pattern, but I knew exactly what they meant. The Aztecs were clever in their design, letting only the most intelligent trap makers put their hands into the temple. I reached for the first stone when I heard a grizzly voice behind me.

“Did you believe some privileged boy from the states was going to get into the temple?”

Ah, it seems my reputation precedes me. Without missing a beat, I flipped around and looked him in the eyes.

“Yeah, I kind of did.”

I lifted the hidden blowgun from my side and stuck him with a sleeping dart. He was so surprised that he fell backwards. After making sure he was out, I left him some water. I’m not a monster, you know. I turned back to my temple and put in the pattern I had uncovered just last month. Success! A small tunnel opened up and I crawled in. I pushed the brick back into place as I entered.

For years I had believed this place to be built like the pyramids – small tunnels and caverns to confuse and slow down looters. Yet before me stood the wide open hollow inside of the temple’s exterior. A giant room dedicated to protecting the sanctity of the statue. There had to be a trap… but what?

Carefully stepping forward, I made note of each design and pattern along the walls and floor. Intricate as they were, they could be deadly. When I made it to the front of the steps, I felt the bottom stair sink in. Oh no, I had been compromised.

I quickly rushed up the stairs but then it hit me. A large pocket of warmth blew into my breathing space and by the time I went to cover my mouth, it had already been inside. It could only be the most deadly trap in the history of Aztec – the cursed god’s breathe. It was a deadly germ that melted you from the inside out. It seems my only hope is to luck into the cure. The only way that’s possible is…

With my internals slowly withering, I had to crawl my way to the top. As I reached out to grab the statue, I heard footsteps behind me. The plane crew and their raspy voiced boss were all lined up at the base of the stairs. There was nearly no hope when I grabbed the statue. Then the magic began.

They charged me rapidly, but as each of them tried to climb the stairs they’d trip and fall down. Yet their leader, carrying a large pack, made it the farthest. He was nearly at my feet when he fell, dropping a strange green vial.

Whatever it was landed in my hands. I knew this was a sign from the statue, so I quickly chugged the entire thing. Strength enveloped me and I rushed passed the clamoring fools wrapped in each other’s limbs on the ground.

“If you came here to desecrate these lands, why did you drink my grandmother’s juice?” Said the raspy man, desperate for an answer.

“The statue willed it, of course!”

And with that, I could have left with my treasure in tow. But a got the feeling there were more important things in life than a statue. I helped the men up and rushed back to the top of the stairs to replace the statue. It seemed rather happy in it’s stony throne.

I decided then and there I wouldn’t mess with the sanctity of cultures I was not a part of. So I will mess with the one I am! My friends sent me on my way with the recipe for their grandmother’s juice. Looks like I’ll discover the secrets of entrepreneurship!

Tally Ho!


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