The Date

The longer Jorr waited, the more his mind went to darker places. Why had she not even attempted to contact him? He knew that being stood up was a natural part of dating, but this time was different. She was so easy to connect to and could make him laugh without any force.

Jorr had met Stephanie a few days earlier on a dating app. It was called “Working Love”. It was supposed to be marketed towards people who were too busy to work and didn’t want to go through the struggles of dating organically. This set up a nice place for people to mingle with a goal in mind.

Normally, Jorr received a surprisingly low amount of messages.  In fact, had it not been for bots he would have only gotten one message every month or so. Some girl who was looking for more than a fling. It wasn’t for him.

Weeks go by with the same faux optimism and eventually Jorr considered going to other sites. Until one last ping managed to grab his attention.

Stephanie. “I never do something unless it’s all the way.”

That’s all her profile said. Something so small yet meaningful in the best way for Jorr at this time in his life. He was done with those who half-assed their way through life, living on others efforts. This line was enough to get him to message first.

They hit it off slowly yet eventually found themselves talking every day. They’d write short stories together and create crazy situations for their characters to get out of. She wasn’t even turned off when he went raunchy with some of it. It could not have gone better.

Eventually Jorr felt confident enough to ask her to out on a boating trip. He had a quaint little motor boat that he loved to take out on the river when the sun warmed the waters. It was a place he felt truly at peace. Of course, she accepted and they excitedly planned for  the trip.

Yet here Jorr stood. Alone. The sun was taunting him with visions of what could have been. He kicked the ground, knowing to know better than to believe in someone other than himself.


His patience was beginning to run thin as the sun reached the middle of the sky. He knew that she wasn’t going to come. He called her phone and told her that he was going out alone. A small part of him reach out for a long winded story like she was helping an elderly woman cross the road or an injured animal.

Nevertheless, he pushed his boat into the water and took off towards the island in the middle. The waves calmed Jorr’s aching heart with each crash against his small vessel. The heat enveloped him in a way it couldn’t before and he knew he couldn’t spend too long out here.

When he got to the island, he dragged his boat on the sand and fell backwards for a moment. The way the beach crawled into his clothing was irritating to him, yet it felt as though some cosmic force wanted him to be in this shameful discomfort.

After a brief moment of self pity overshadowed by anger, Jorr stood and walked into the small bunch of trees on the island. As he went to kneel down, he felt a vibration in his pocket.


He quickly scrambled to answer the phone when he heard a man’s voice.

“This is the police, is this Jorr?”

“Y-yes. What can I say you’re doing with Stephanie’s phone?” mumbled out a very cautious Jorr.

“Looks like Stephanie was on her way to meet with you based on these texts and calls she’s received. It’s my unfortunate duty to inform you she’s been killed in an accident. I’m sorry.”

Jorr slammed the phone against a tree, shattering it. He glared, infuriated, towards the beams of light taunting him through the trees.

“You couldn’t have let me have this one thing, could you?”

He grabbed a long knife from a pile of haphazardly tossed utensils and slammed it against a tree.

“Next time, I suppose…”

He took out a new phone from his pocket and opened up the app “Working Love”.



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