Hide and Seek

The evening wind blew softly on this night, causing Jerr to relax himself quicker than usual. After his third 10 hour shift this week, he had not been able to find himself a moment of peace in which to recover. Yet this crisp breeze was something his soul could feel as it enveloped him in it’s embrace.

His house stood proudly atop a large hill covered in a healthy colored deep green grass. The home itself gave him a lovely view of the surrounding town and just a bit beyond. With winds blowing, he could often smell the fragrances of gardens he never tended and barbecues he wouldn’t labor over. It was his favorite benefit of sitting outside during the summer.

Before the sun set completely, Jerr unveiled his usual set of binoculars so that he’d be able to travel to these wonderful smelling places. Beautiful homes always soothed him as his work in the factory didn’t allow much time to see how other people lived. His sight danced along the streets, taking in all the craftsmanship put into every home. Yet upon arriving at one house, Jerr’s fascination gave pause.

A one story house amidst a sea of two story neighbors. It seemed that the yard was neatly taken care of. The grass looked the healthiest of all the street and there was a quaint garden. Jerr felt a jolt of envy flow through him as his eyes traced what would be the walkway up to the door and to each window.

Then he saw a pair of binoculars staring back at him.

At first he rationalized it as him not being able to make out what exactly it was, but when he looked back they were gone.

It took him a few minutes of anxious waiting before he would check again. This time in the window he saw a note. In boldfaced letters, it read, “hide and seek.” Jerr was a bit confused at first but decided he’d move on down the street and continue his review of the homes in the neighborhood.

The next road Jerr would look down had a large pine tree in the middle of the court. It’s trunk was as thick as any tree he had ever seen. He was following it up to the top when he saw the same binoculars as before. Upon landing on it, he jumped a bit. He quickly refocused on the tree and saw a note again.

“Found me!”

He chuckled a bit at the nonsensical situation he found himself in. Yet he felt a twinge of joy when he was able to find this other person. Jerr’s desire to keep this connection going was suddenly more evident as now he ignored the houses he once poured over and hunted only for his new found friend.

This time it took a bit longer but soon he found the binoculars in a large bush at an intersection.

“2 for 2. Impressive.”

The smile took over his face as Jerr noted that the person was choosing a lot of large plants in town. Darkness was starting to take the land as their game continued. He feared that he’d lose his friend in the darkness and they’d have to go home.

He found them hiding in a cherry tree near a park. A flashlight shined on the note this time, shakily allowing the light to cover the words.

“Had fun. Tomorrow?”

Jerr felt a bit sad that their fun was over, but went inside to grab some materials. He wrote down “Same time” on a paper and shined a flashlight on it. His eyes were drawn to a flickering flashlight at the house he found his friend at.

Over the next few weeks, Jerr found himself flying through work and rushing home to continue the game of hide and seek. He felt bad that he was making his friend do all the work, but from his hill he had an unparalleled bird’s eye view.

He had always been able to find the hider. That fact was a great source of pride in himself. The Great Seeker: that’s what he had called himself. The hill was his throne and he was on top of the world while playing their game.

Then one misty Friday evening, Jerr had come to realize he may not be able to find her. His eyes desperately scanned the foggy streets yet he was unable to pick out any notes or binoculars. This was the part of his day that he looked forward to and now he was scared he’d had to call it off and waste a night they could have had.

Then he saw a note on a tree at the base of his hill.

“Too foggy. Coming up.”

Jerr looked at it again to make sure he was reading it right. His hider was coming up to meet him. In person. He had never seen more than the binoculars of them, so he was really unsure what to expect.

He quickly leaped to his feet and rushed inside. He thought it best if he could meet this person with something other than his work clothes.

As he stepped outside, a woman with flowing blonde hair stood outside. She wore a dirtied white sundress that looked lively with grass stains and dirt stains. Her light blue eyes dashed between the ground, his home, and Jerr himself. The stance she took showed a shy demeanor mixed with playful bravery.

His eyes took a minute to study her, questioning if she was even real. The scent she carried reminded him of a summer garden. She slowly revealed a note from behind her that had one word written on it.



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