The Window

Moving houses seemed closer to normal to Liam than staying in one place. His family was always moving from one place to another. Frankly, unpacking seemed unnecessary as they would never be anywhere long enough to make the effort worth it. 

Yet with every new place his parents would assure him it was the last time they’d move. He stopped believing that lie when he was still very young. At this point it almost seemed malicious. 

Eventually they moved into a very beat down two story home. The roof was faded and looked scarred. The siding siding was a tired shade of green and could make one turn away in disgust. 

Yet one window drew Liams’s attention. It looked as if it was new, untouched by time. The aura emitting from that glass was breathtaking. 

After dragging the box with what little he brought from his old house, he walked over to the attic entrance. It didn’t emit any sort of menacing presence, so he felt no danger as he made his way up. 

In the attic he saw the window from the inside. It was as if looking out of a hole in the house because the clarity was surreal. He chalked it up to some previous owner replacing it and left. 

Later that week, Liam was taking out the trash when he saw the window. Evidently some birds had tried to fly into the attic and left bloody streaks on the window. He thought how much of a shame it was that the clean area was now desecrated. 

That night as he began to dose off, a distinct yet soft scrubbing could be heard from the upstairs. Liam thought of ignoring it until he felt himself slowly drawn to see what became of the window.

He entered the attic and saw a dark figure cleaning the window from the outside. Liam’s desire to flee the scene intensified exponentially yet he couldn’t draw himself to step away. A small chuckle could be heard eminating from the other side of the window. 

It began to thump slowly to match Liam’s steps. The horror began to be replaced by a feeling of acceptance with his own fate. A pair of eyes turned and looked Liam straight in his face. 

Without missing a heat, his legs took off towards the window. It shattered as he leapt out towards the figure, which disappeared as he broken the window. 

The investigation yielded no signs of foul play, yet Liam’s parents refused to admit any signs of depression or suicidal tendencies. With no leads, the case was closed and it was ruled a suicide. 

The window was mysteriously repaired. If one looked long enough, a small dark figure that resembled Liam would appear in the window for but a moment. 

In the end, Liam would no longer have the luxury of moving anymore. 


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