The Hockey Stick

So I have a lot of stories that involve my friends doing something incredibly gutsy and possibly stupid that I somehow got involved with. This happens to be one of those stories.

It was a cool night in the twilight of our high school years. I want to say it was our junior year because my group of friends wasn’t as expanded as I remember it being senior year and yet we weren’t freshmen. I had a few friends with me, but for this story you don’t need to know everyone. I’ll just say the group when mentioning my friends.

All together there was six of us, and we were just taking a quick walk around town to shoot the shit with each other. The talks were great! I recall bringing up the fact that we all at one point hung out with the “cool” kids in our respective elementary schools but stopped hanging with them when we realized who they were.

Everything was relaxed and really nothing could have upset the calmness in the air. That’s when, of course, my friend suggests we do a quick ding dong ditch and high tail it back to the house we’re staying at.

I’ve always been a bit a of an easy scare when it comes stuff like this but it felt fine since there were so many of us. The rule laid down was that all of us had to have our feet on the driveway until the ringer got to us, then we could all run to hide. Fair is fair, since if we all hid except the ringer, they could have gotten screwed.

Well, our doorbell ringer presses it and hoofs it after us. At this point I just freak out and nearly bolt before he gets there, but I maintained what honor I had and waited. As soon as he stepped foot off the driveway, we rushed behind a nearby thin treeline between the house and the park.

The homeowner stepped outside and was irate. So much so, he let his two dogs rush out into the night. They were German shepherds and they were barking up a storm. My friends got so intimidated that we all took off and ran despite knowing if those dogs found us they’d just chase us down.

I was always the one who was terrified of things, so my legs took me to the next gear and we made it all the way across the park and through someones yard onto the street. We turned when we didn’t hear the dogs anymore and thought our night was over.

Then the truck started.

This guy got a high beam out and was tearing through the neighborhood to come find us. He knew we were out there and that we couldn’t have gone far. So once again we just rush off into the backyards of sleeping people to avoid this maniac that we awoke.

We finally made it to the richest family in town’s yard and all of us leaned up against the mound they had separating their front yard from the main road. All of us were breathless and wondering if we could just wait here until the man had gone away, then just walk home.

That’s when my friend revealed he had somehow grabbed a hockey stick in the rich kid’s yard and was just holding it. All of us were perplexed that he would have time to reach down and grab something like that but there it was in his hands.

Before we could listen to see if the car had gone home, the rich owners arrived back in their yard and shined their high beams right on the back of the mound. All of us assumed we had been found by the angry homeowner so up and over we went. My friend thankfully dropped the hockey stick so we didn’t take anyone’s stuff, but we had to quickly calm down after that.

The rich family never made a move to catch us or anything, so we tried to get our breath to be less labored in case we were caught. Then we could feign ignorance and get home without consequence.

Somehow our road home was all clear. The moment we stepped foot in the safety of our driveway, the police sirens started blaring through the neighborhood. Guess this had been a bit more eventful than we had anticipated. We rushed inside and back to the basement and told the friends who remained in the house of our journey.

One of my friends was super jealous of the story and wanted to try to go back out into the police ravaged neighborhood to go for another house.

I can tell you that our group had enough anxiety by then, so the remainder went alone.

I’ve always wondered what the rich people thought when they saw six guys leaning against their mound. I hope they didn’t think we were robbing them or anything!


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